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[audio][DO313] Megabyte - Information - 1990
trabajo de Tom Simoen & Dimitri Lambrecht
Keywords: megabyte; information; 1990; simoen; dimitri
Downloads: 92
[movies]Understanding Computer Memory Measurement - Brian Anderson
Understanding Computer Memory Measurement by discussing measuring increments and providing two analogies explaining the exponential increase in capacity as memory increases.
Keywords: Computer Memory Measurement Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte Petabyte
Downloads: 37
[texts]Page 6 - Issue 29 (1987-09)(ABACUS)(GB)
Page 6 - Issue 29 (1987-09)(ABACUS)(GB)
Keywords: atari; xlent; software; disk; superbase; jil; supra; abacus; megabyte; font
Downloads: 33
[texts]osborne :: vixen :: Vixen Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.osborne :: vixen :: Vixen Brochure
Keywords: osborne; vixen; ibm; megabyte; external; computer; computing; disk; corporation; portable; megabyte hard; hard disk; computer corporation; disk drives
Downloads: 50
[texts]Amiga Manual: Commodore AMIGA 601 RAM Expansion Card (199x)(Commodore)(A600)
Amiga Manual: Commodore AMIGA 601 RAM Expansion Card (199x)(Commodore)(A600)
Keywords: ram; cartridge; megabyte; memory; powered; wiln; pins; expansion; lor; oft; ram expansion; expansion cartridge
Downloads: 74
[texts]symbolics :: brochures :: LM-2
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.symbolics :: brochures :: LM-2
Keywords: cpu; megabyte; chaosnet; consists; disk; interface; memory; color; virtual; terminal; disk drive
Downloads: 62
[texts]Radio Shack Hardware Manual: MM-1 8 Megabyte DRAM Upgrade (1994)(BlackHawk Enterprises)
Radio Shack Hardware Manual: MM-1 8 Megabyte DRAM Upgrade (1994)(BlackHawk Enterprises)
Keywords: simms; megabyte; blackhawk; memory; backplane; mbyte; install; simm; cpu; remove; mbyte simms
Downloads: 32
[audio][KOF098] The Sharks Megabyte EP - The Sharks Megabyte
Name of Band Releasing: The Sharks Megabyte Myspace/Facebook/Twitter URL: http://myspace.com/thesharksmegabyte http://facebook.com/thesharksmegabyte http://twitter.com/sharksmegabyte Title of Release: The Sharks Megabyte EP Release Year: 2011 Genre: Expirimental/hardcore/progressive Description of Release: First release, so its the first 6 songs I wrote for this project. Tracklisting: 1. Ekans Cuckold 2...
Keywords: The; sharks; mega; byte; megabyte; nintendo; core; ep; digi; grind; new; release; mario; luigi
Downloads: 114
[texts]pertec :: hardDisk :: Pertec D8000 8 Inch Winchester Brochure Sep79
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.pertec :: hardDisk :: Pertec D8000 8 Inch Winchester Brochure Sep79
Keywords: pcc; disk; pertec; megabyte; data; humidity; drive; amps; winchester; coated; pertec computer; fixed disk; disk drive
Downloads: 30
[texts]Amiga Manual: KCS Power PC Board v4.5 (1992)(KCS BV)
Amiga Manual: KCS Power PC Board v4.5 (1992)(KCS BV)
Keywords: kcs; amiga; graphic; ram; emulator; memory; power; board; kcs power; megabyte
Downloads: 68
[texts]Apple III ProFile Hard Drive Specifications
Apple III ProFile Hard Drive Specifications
Keywords: profile; apple; interface; iii; software; megabyte; accessory; data; rotational; degrees; profile interface; interface card; apple iii
Downloads: 49
[texts]Apple Advertisements: Apple IIgs Upgrade

Keywords: apple; upgrade; iigs; logic; peripherals; memory; software; graphics; megabyte; expansion; logic board; apple iigs
Downloads: 33
[texts]corvus :: brochures :: The Bank Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.corvus :: brochures :: The Bank Brochure
Keywords: corvus; bank; winchester; tape; width; omninet; specifications; data; store; megabyte; access time; corvus winchester
Downloads: 16
[texts]MECC home software catalog
MECC home software catalog
Keywords: munchers; mecc; software; adult; ages; preschool; award; muncher; megabyte; geograph; choice award; microsoft works
Downloads: 18
[texts]Antic Magazine Catalog Issue 7-08 (1988-12)

Keywords: cyber; color; hudson; atari; design; graphics; animation; megabyte; paint; create; tom hudson; cyber studio; customer service; cyber paint; cyber graphics; megabyte ram; handling charges; service call; darrel anderson; cyber control
Downloads: 62
[texts]corvus :: Omnidrive Dealer Selling Guide for the Macintosh Computer Oct84
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.corvus :: Omnidrive Dealer Selling Guide for the Macintosh Computer Oct84
Keywords: macintosh; corvus; omnidrive; disk; drive; software; volume; megabyte; volumes; files; macintosh macintosh; disk drive; winchester disk; ucsd macintosh; type ucsd; volume address; volume sizes; megabyte omnidrive; macintosh type; tap cable
Downloads: 28
[texts]Antic - The Catalog - 1989 - 01
Antic - The Catalog - 1989 - 01
Keywords: cyber; color; atari; design; graphics; hudson; animation; studio; megabyte; create; cyber studio; tom hudson; cyber paint; cyber graphics; customer service; megabyte ram; handling charges; service call; cyber control; color monitor
Downloads: 49
[texts]symbolics :: brochures :: 3670 May84
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.symbolics :: brochures :: 3670 May84
Keywords: symbolics; symbolic; seek; megabyte; mbyte; processor; zetalisp; software; bpi; disk; symbolic processing; average seek; minimum seek; data structures; maximum seek
Downloads: 56
[texts]sage :: SAGE Brochure 1983
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.sage :: SAGE Brochure 1983
Keywords: sage; baud; micros; ram; software; port; floppy; defined; computer; megabyte; times faster; software defined; sage computers; sage computer; defined baud
Downloads: 28
[audio]TFR363 - The Sharks Megabyte - Lame Life EP - The Sharks Megabyte
The Sharks Megabyte - Lame Life EP 01 - Intro 02 - F 03 - U 04 - C 05 - K 06 - I 07 - T 08 - Outro The Sharks Megabyte "I'm Bobby, I use FL SLayer, Drumkit From Hell, and VST's to make my music, and if you don't like that, then fuck you." DOWNLOAD NOW www.facebook.com/thesharksmegabyte On Twitter @sharksmegabyte www.myspace.com/thesharksmegabyte http://thesharksmegabyte.tumblr.com Released on Torn Flesh Records, January, 2012 www.myspace.com/tornfleshrecords www.archive.org/details/tornfleshrec...
Keywords: The; Sharks; Megabyte; Lame; Life; EP; FL; Slayer; Drumkit; From; Hell; VST; Experimental; Nintendocore; 8-Bit; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 2,260 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]symbolics :: brochures :: 3640 Jul84
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.symbolics :: brochures :: 3640 Jul84
Keywords: symbolics; software; zetalisp; optional; drive; expandable; networked; megabyte; maximum; megabytes; tape drive; symbolic processing; disk drive; high resolution
Downloads: 50
[texts]seattleComputer :: brochures :: SCP-210
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.seattleComputer :: brochures :: SCP-210
Keywords: mhz; cpu; seattle; computer; ieee; xenix; warranty; memory; megabyte; address; seattle computer; cpu board; address lines; numeric data
Downloads: 24
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 108
Compute! Issue 108 - May 1989. Editorial License Results of recent reader surveys are in and we've counted hands. Here's who you are and what you want - News & Notes Big winner at Christmas - News & Notes Big mistake at Apple - News & Notes Big-disk games - News & Notes and other big news worth noting - Gameplay Violent computer games may be less about death than about power fantasies, but that doesn't absolve designers of responsibility - Impact - Programming never really died it just started t...
Keywords: program; computer; ibm; software; programming; disk; commodore; amiga; graphics; features; hard drive; word processor; word processing; features include; disk drive; megabyte hard; programming language
Downloads: 526
[texts]Apple Advertisements: Apple IIgs Brochure ROM3 English

Keywords: apple; ilgs; dots; megabyte; connector; system; disk; colors; horizontally; expansion; ilgs system; expansion slots; apple ilgs; output jack; dots horizontally; memory expansion; apple desktop; apple iigs; desktop bus
Downloads: 52
[texts]Apple Documentation: apple iigs brochure
Apple Documentation: apple iigs brochure
Keywords: apple; ilgs; dots; colors; megabyte; disk; connector; system; horizontally; iigs; apple ilgs; dots horizontally; apple iigs; apple desktop; output jack; memory expansion; expansion slots; desktop bus; apple hgs
Downloads: 20
[audio]TFR705 - The Sharks Megabyte - 0110110 0110110 0110110 - The Sharks Megabyte
The Sharks Megabyte - 0110110 0110110 0110110 01 - 0110110 0110110 0110110 02 - Ghoul Patrol 03 - Oops, All Berries! 04 - Isn't It A Lovely Day To Start A Revolution 05 - Outro The Sharks Megabyte Rob - FL SLayer, Drumkit From Hell, and VST's www.facebook.com/thesharksmegabyte thesharksmegabyte.bandcamp.com thesharksmegabyte.tumblr.com On Twitter @sharksmegabyte youtube.com/sharksmegabyte soundcloud.com/thesharksmegabyte www.reverbnation.com/thesharksmegabyte myspace.com/thesharksmegabyte Releas...
Keywords: The; Sharks; Megabyte; 0110110; 0110110; 0110110; Instrumental; Electronic; Experimental; Hardcore; FL Studio; Nintendocore; 8-bit; Torn; Flesh; Records; Nintendo-Mosh; Florida; Maine; EP
Downloads: 276 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]codata :: Codata System Bootstrap Rev 4.1
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.codata :: Codata System Bootstrap Rev 4.1
Keywords: bootstrap; disk; file; megabyte; suap; files; codata; unisis; boot; floppy; space root; skyffp board; file system; root suap; suap space; unisis version; sky microcode; bootstrap release
Downloads: 15
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 115
Compute! Issue 115 - December 1989. Editorial License When I Work I Just Want To Have Fun - News & Notes Epyx Goes Diskless - News & Notes Miniscribe Must Rebuild - News & Notes Viking And Voyager At Home - News & Notes Volunteer Macintoshes - News & Notes Courts Get Tough On Hackers - News & Notes Soft Software Sales - News & Notes Portable Words - News & Notes Energetic Contest - News & Notes Amiga Ph.D...
Keywords: ibm; software; disk; program; computer; game; games; graphics; cga; commodore; hard drive; megabyte hard; word processor; hard disk; electronic arts; disk drive; toll free
Downloads: 1,282
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 117
Compute! Issue 117 - February 1990. Editorial License New Hardwre Makes For Hard Choices - News & Notes Hyperwhere? - News & Notes Parents' Choice Awards - News & Notes Gee Wiz - News & Notes Deep Thought - News & Notes Oh, Say You CD? - News & Notes Leading To Reading - Letters Wow! I Could've Had A V20! - Letters Out In The Cold? - Letters Purple Faces - Compute! Specific MS-DOS - Compute! Specific 64/128 - Compute! Specific Apple II - Compute! Specific Amiga - Compute! Specific Mac - In Focus...
Keywords: ibm; computer; software; disk; program; graphics; game; cga; color; ega; hard drive; hard disk; disk drive; megabyte hard; toll free; word processor; money order
Downloads: 1,352
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 107
Compute! Issue 107 - April 1989. Editorial License Telecommunications is the space shuttle of computing too complex and too fragile, too important to live without - News & Notes Instant MS-DOS mix - News & Notes armored attack computers - News & Notes 27 million can't be wrong - News & Notes more noteworthy news of late - Gameplay Commie plots and copy protection all in the came column! - Impact Computers bring the information Age home - Discoveries What's a BBS without a phone? A message center...
Keywords: computer; software; ibm; disk; amiga; commodore; game; graphics; color; disk drive; megabyte hard; hard drive; hard disk; toll free; grand prix; public domain; gregg keizer
Downloads: 778
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 114
Compute! Issue 114 - November 1989. Editorial License A price tag is no measure of your home computers worth - Impact Computer simulations make you wonder what's real anymore - Discoveries Computers powerful research tools - Gamplay The best of the new games call for more than just reflexes - Conversations It's all software to Les Crane of Software Toolworks - Off Line With its planned product line, Apple is really cooking - Productivity Compute Choice Use the VGA-TV board to convert VGA graphic...
Keywords: ibm; software; disk; program; computer; graphics; commodore; color; ega; hard drive; hard disk; megabyte hard; floppy drive; music studio; desktop publishing; disk drive
Downloads: 1,988
[texts]Apple Advertisement: Apple 2 Memory Expansion Cards Photo

Keywords: apple; memory; expansion; sion; files; require; lie; megabyte; memory expansion; programs; expansion card; expansion cards; apple lie; sion card; lie memory
Downloads: 45
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 104
Compute! Issue 104 - January 1989. Editorial License You can tell a lot about a computer magazine by the software company it keeps - News & Notes What's NeXT from Steve Jobs - News & Notes Nailing a virus maker - News & Notes Prehistoric games News & Notes more hot-off-the-press news - Gameplay Be creative make your own fun by building games from a kit - Impact Will the 1990s be the decade of the mind, not of the computer? - Discoveries Cheapware is fast, fast, fast relief for empty pockets - Le...
Keywords: software; ibm; computer; graphics; apple; color; disk; program; commodore; game; hard drive; hard disk; word processor; disk drive; megabyte hard; deluxe paint; sale price; retail price; public domain
Downloads: 1,151
[texts]dec :: vax :: 780 :: EY-2217E-SG-0001 780tshoot
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dec :: vax :: 780 :: EY-2217E-SG-0001 780tshoot
Keywords: error; megabyte; sbi; parity; unibus; bits; address; data; parity error; byte; data transfer; map register; command file; machine check; operating system; data path; sbi req; read data; software dump
Downloads: 39
[texts]Answers - Vol. 4 No. 1 (1988-12)(Tandy Corporation)(US)
Answers - Vol. 4 No. 1 (1988-12)(Tandy Corporation)(US)
Keywords: tandy; desktop; publishing; system; software; shack; computer; tion; newman; desktop publishing; radio shack; megabyte hard; tandy computers; newman sharp; data base; shack computer; laser printer; computer technology; computer centers
Downloads: 60
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 105
Compute! Issue 105 - February 1989. Editorial License $6,500 home computers? Forget it! What we need are high-tech machines at bottom-line prices - News & Notes The Eiffel Tower connection - News & Notes Larry, the Lounge Lizard is on the make again - News & Notes Wang bets on pen and pad - Gameplay What goes around comes around classic game concepts return - Impact Is desktop tax-preparation the first step toward desktop taxation? - Discoveries Plug into the electronic educational connection fo...
Keywords: computer; ibm; software; disk; commodore; program; color; apple; graphics; hard drive; disk drive; megabyte hard; red storm; storm rising; disk drives; toll free; personal financial; money order; gross sales
Downloads: 689
[texts]Apple Advertisements: Apple 2 Memory Expansion Card

Keywords: apple; memory; expansion; lie; iigs; sion; disk; milliamps; memory expansion; megabyte; warranty statement; limited warranty; expansion card; authorized apple; apple lie; apple iigs; expansion cards; lie memory; iigs memory
Downloads: 36
[texts]interdata :: periph :: 29-454 10mbDiscPgmg Feb80
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.interdata :: periph :: 29-454 10mbDiscPgmg Feb80
Keywords: disc; controller; status; appendix; megabyte; selch; command; data; interrupts; seek; status definitions; data bytes; controller status; selector channel; data transfer; parameter block; longitudinal parity; status bit; write protect; sense status
Downloads: 29
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 3-05
In Volume 3, Issue 5, along with news, editorial comment, book reviews, letters, club contacts and a glossary, you will find... Buyers Guide part 3 - Computers over $7000 Predictions for 1985 An article on the cluttered world of IBM compatibility The Dick Smith kitset Mega Modem Review of the Wang Professional Computer Review of the Sanyo MB 777 Portable Review of the Commodore 16 Columns for Apple: Snake gets good press and IIC has mice Atari: Close encounter of the Joust kind BBC: Where to now...
Keywords: computer; software; commodore; ibm; programs; graphics; bytes; disk; basic; program; disk drives; operating systems; machine code; operating system; disk drive; word processing; megabyte hard; desktop desktop; hard disk; word processor
Downloads: 296
[texts]Jade Computer Catalog
16-page catalog for Jade Computer, a small chain of California computer stores selling software and hardware for Apple and IBM computers.
Keywords: ibm; list; price; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; parallel; jade; printer; disk; serial; megabyte; software; parallel printer; order call; list price; los angeles; list jade; call toll; serial board; sheet feeder; disk drive; tractor feed
Downloads: 123
[texts]dec :: vax :: 35x0 :: firefox 16mbMem Dec87
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dec :: vax :: 35x0 :: firefox 16mbMem Dec87
Keywords: memory; module; dram; firefox; address; data; ecc; error; memory module; parity; memory space; single bit; digital equipment; restricted distribution; megabyte memory; firefox system; system specification; equipment corporation; specification december
Downloads: 41
[texts]Products by Pegasus, a division of Great Lakes Computer Peripherals, Inc. - Jason Scott
Collection of three one-sheet papers describing various products by Pegasus, a division of Great Lakes Computer Periphers, Inc. Includes the Pegasus XT Conversion Kit (turns your IBM PC into an XT with the addition of a 10mb hard drive) and two large hard drives, both 10 and 32 megabytes.
Keywords: pegasus; ibm; specifications; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; mbytes; track; msec; hard; disk; mbyte; operating; top quality; lakes computer; hard disk; megabyte hard; bits read; recording density; years error; access time; transfer rate; great lakes
Downloads: 82
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 106
Compute! Issue 106 - March 1989. Coming Together Here's how to get your machine on speaking terms with nearly any other computer - Warning: Games Under Construction - Buyers Guide Arcade Games - Fast Looks - Tandy 1000 SL - Final Assault - Slide Shop - AppleWorks GS - Times of Lore - Solitaire Royale - The Perfect Career - Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf - AlphaWorks - Z88 - Editorial License - News and Notes Bits in the Bank - News and Notes Theres a Boat in This Box ...
Keywords: ibm; software; commodore; disk; computer; apple; amiga; macintosh; game; atari; disk drive; construction set; megabyte hard; hard drive; disk drives; slide shop; game construction; toll free; gregg keizer; joystick required
Downloads: 554
[texts]Computer Monthly (June 1992)

Keywords: svga; color; quinton; comprodine; rodger; cpu; mountaineer; programs; graphics; artist; video board; recreational computing; megabyte svga; war zone; hard disk; ide hard; mhz systems; disk drive; floppy drives; mine field
Downloads: 142
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 112
Compute! Issue 112 - September 1989. Making the Grade - Buying Your First Computer - Fun in the Sun - Cheapware - Buyers Guide: Memory Expansion Boards - Review Silpheed - Review Lombard RAC Rally Peter Scisco - Review LinkWay - Review PopDrop - Review DeluxePaint III - Review Keith Van Erons Pro Soccer - Review KidWriter Gold - Review Hillsfar - Review Labels - Editorial License Let's Get Small - News & Notes The Old Soft Show - News & Notes So Where's Carmen This Time? - News & Notes Small-Gam...
Keywords: ibm; software; computer; disk; amiga; program; includes; graphics; ems; games; supports ems; hard drive; public domain; hard disk; disk drive; megabyte hard; internal board; word processor; word processing; toll free
Downloads: 964
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (April 1986)

Keywords: atari; file; disk; antic; software; color; amiga; cpu; computer; ibm; dos system; west germany; hard disk; sector numbers; flag byte; atari computer; antic publisher; operating system; megabyte hard; floppy disk
Downloads: 15
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 102
Compute! Issue 102 - November 1988. Communicate by Design - Print That Page - How Are Computers Made? - Conversations - Fast Looks - NewsMaster II - Springboard Publisher - Street Sports Soccer - Wasteland - Math Blaster Plus - New World Writer - Editorial License - News & Notes - Gameplay - Impact - Discoveries - Levitations - Letters - New Products! - MS-DOS - 64 & 128 - Apple II - Amiga - Macintosh - Atari ST
Keywords: software; computer; ibm; disk; commodore; graphics; apple; color; text; program; desktop publishing; hard drive; street sports; color monitor; disk drive; megabyte hard; springboard publisher; hard disk; word processor; white space
Downloads: 555
[texts]Shareware Solutions II - Volume 1 Issue 3 (1993-11)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Shareware Solutions II - Volume 1 Issue 3 (1993-11)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Keywords: internet; shareware; apple; hyperstudio; solutions; iigs; access; disk; online; stack; shareware solutions; user group; public access; hard drive; user groups; internet email; free net; apple iigs; message base; megabyte hard
Downloads: 46
[audio]On the Corner With Drama - Toby's Chastisements
A search for what is out there, and for what is inside of me.
Keywords: On; the; Corner; With; Drama; Toby's; Chastisements; Heaven's; Tears; I; Am; Strong; Look; Within; You; Megabyte; The; Blanket; of; Me; Too; Familiar; Where's; the; Only; One; Your; Darkest; Day
Downloads: 75
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